(Away is often used with verbs of movement, such as `go' and `drive', and also in phrasal verbs such as `do away with' and `fade away'.)
1) ADV: ADV after v, be ADV, oft ADV prep If someone or something moves or is moved away from a place, they move or are moved so that they are no longer there. If you are away from a place, you are not in the place where people expect you to be.

An injured policeman was led away by colleagues...

He walked away from his car...

She drove away before either of them could speak again...

Jason was away on a business trip...

Simon had been away a good deal lately.

2) ADV: ADV after v, oft ADV prep If you look or turn away from something, you move your head so that you are no longer looking at it.

She quickly looked away and stared down at her hands...

As he stands up, he turns his face away from her so that she won't see his tears.

3) ADV: ADV after v If you put or tidy something away, you put it where it should be. If you hide someone or something away, you put them in a place where nobody can see them or find them.

I put my journal away and prepared for bed...

All her letters were carefully filed away in folders...

I have $100m hidden away where no one will ever find it.

4) PHR-PREP If something is away from a person or place, it is at a distance from that person or place.

The two women were sitting as far away from each other as possible...

I was anxious to get him here, away from family and friends. estate thirty miles away from town.

5) ADV: be amount ADV You use away to talk about future events. For example, if an event is a week away, it will happen after a week.

...the Washington summit, now only just over two weeks away...

Peace it seemed might at last be no more than a few months away.

6) ADV: ADV after v When a sports team plays away, it plays on its opponents' ground.

...a sensational 4-3 victory for the team playing away.

at home
Away is also an adjective.

Charlton are about to play an important away match.

7) ADV: ADV after v You can use away to say that something slowly disappears, becomes less significant, or changes so that it is no longer the same.

So much snow has already melted away...

His voice died away in a whisper...

The Liberal Democrat's support fell away at the last minute.

8) ADV: ADV after v, n ADV, oft ADV prep You use away to show that there has been a change or development from one state or situation to another.

British courts are increasingly moving away from sending young offenders to prison...

There's been a dramatic shift away from traditional careers towards business and commerce.

9) ADV: ADV after v (emphasis) You can use away to emphasize a continuous or repeated action.

He would often be working away on his word processor late into the night...

She sighed, her heart banging away against her ribs as she opened the door.

10) ADV: ADV after v You use away to show that something is removed.

If you take my work away I can't be happy anymore...

The waitress whipped the plate away and put down my bill...

Weeks of heavy rain have washed away roads and bridges.

11) right awaysee right
far and awaysee far

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